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A minimum connection speed of 56K is recommended for viewing this site. Although any connection will work, faster is better.

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This site is optimized for a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, but is also prepared to adjust according to the size of your browser window.

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This website supports the browser Internet Explorer (version 6 and later), Firefox (version 4 and later) and Google Chrome (version 9 and later), not being assured total compatibility with other browsers. The browser must support the use of style sheets (Cascading Style Sheets) and scripting programming languages (ECMAScript).

To view certain types of documents and pages you need to install additional applications in your browser. Some document types that require specific applications for their viewing:

- PDF format: its viewer can be found on the Adobe website.
- Office (DOC, XLS) formats: its viewers can be found on the Microsoft or OpenOffice website.
- SVG format: graphic content that can be viewed with Adobe SVG Viewer.

User Authentication:

Some sections of the website may require user authentication, namely the Intranet section. Such validation enables the visualization of some restricted areas of the website.

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Prof. José Luís Pinho

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Rui Pinho

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Rui Pinho


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