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Introduction Decision Support
System (DSS)



Hydroinformatics has experienced considerable developments in recent years. The increase of computational capabilities has allowed the creation of simulation models of hydrodynamics and water quality in water resources with high spatial and temporal resolutions. Therefore, it becomes possible to implement operating models that constitute potentially powerful tools for managing the water resources. The Web-based technologies are an efficient solution for remote operation of hydrodynamic and water quality models and for consulting and updating the information in Geographic Information Systems.

In this context, the Hydroinformatics Laboratory of the University of Minho has developed some tools (most of them designed to work in a Web plataform) whose purpose is to facilitate the planning and management of water resources.

These tools were developed thinking on their easy adaptation to different case studies and as such, quickly became useful in different projects which the laboratory has been and is involved.

The first group of this tools are part of what was denominated "Decision Support System (DSS)". The DSS allows the integration of information, modeling and analysis tools. It's an independent set of Web interfaces (each one with its purpose and its particularities) that together can provide a complete Website for dissemination, consultation and updating information.

There is also the POM-GUI application, developed to work locally, which can be considered a useful tool in pre-and post-processing of bathymetric data from the bottom of oceans, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

These tools can be analyzed with more detail by clicking on the left links. In some cases some demonstrations are available, while in other cases the user can download the application and analyze it in more detail.

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