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The POM-GUI application is a graphical interface that allows any user with some hydraulic knowledge, test and analyze input and output data of hydrodynamic and water quality models, applied to the planning and management of water resources. This application consists on a set of tools specifically developed for the simulation and visualization of hydraulic models. From the perspective of the user, the POM-GUI application allows the simulation of scalar and vector fields.

The main window is divided into two parts and has a menu composed by a complete set of functions.

Figure 1

Figure 1 - POM-GUI: definition of the input parameters.

On the form illustrated in the previous image it's possible to set several input parameters such as the time step, the duration of the simulation, the maximum depth, the gravity constant, etc.. The values specified here will be used to compose the input file for the simulation.

On the next image is illustrated the grid draw, allowing to change the scale and viewing angle of the map. A color map is used on its coloration.

Figure 2

Figure 2 - POM-GUI: grid draw.

POM-GUI application is also comprised of a 3D terrain viewer (based on OpenGL technology), capable of reading specific input files (with the bathymetry of the land) and displays them in a 3D environment with the possibility to perform rotations and translations of the image. It can represent for example, the water level (Figure 3) or other types of data such as scalar (Figure 4) and vector fields.

Figure 3

Figure 3 - POM-GUI: 3D terrain visualization (water level).

Figure 4

Figure 4 - POM-GUI: 3D terrain visualization (scalar fields).

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